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Wineing Widows



Sheryl Woods is the owner & founder of The Wineing Widows LLC brands est 2022.  Sheryl is also a widowed woman to the late SSG. Curtis Woods who preceded in death on April 26,1997. Sheryl was married at 19yrs old and widowed at 30yrs old. After 26yrs of being widowed there have been plenty of tears flowing, moreso a river of water. At the time of losing her husband they had 2 sons at the ages of 11 & 5 and 2 successful businesses running outside of their other careers. Sheryl went on to take the responsibility of another son afterwards.


Through the years we have had our share of ups & downs, but we made it!  The boys are all grown up now so it's time to turn these tears to wine & celebrate my accomplishments! I want all widows out there to know that it's not easy but keep going. It's ok to go in the shower to cry so the kids won’t see you, it's ok not to be ok, just keep going! Celebrate small goals until you reach the large goals. Celebrate yourself for being the strong beautiful woman you are!  I created this brand to celebrate all of the strong women out there that were married by choice & widowed by force! 


Cheers to being the fierce woman that you are and remember to drink responsibly.


With Love & Hugs,

Sheryl Woods

Wineing Widows 

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